A little History…

The building at 152-156 Main Street was originally constructed as two separate buildings which individually underwent a series of alterations and were later merged in the mid-20th century in a single building. One of the two original buildings was built ca. 1840, the other was on the site by 1877. The two were combined in 1954 and redesigned with Colonial Revival detailing. Although significantly altered and primarily a product of the mid -20th century, the building provides an understanding of the physical development of the triangular lot of land formed by the convergence of Francis Street and Main Street, and therefore contributes to the Annapolis Historic District.

Postcard, 1895


1895 Postcard. Note large access bays and windows on ground floor to the property. Access points and windows face the waterfront and main street and have shade coverings.

Large ground floor windows and exterior covering.

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